Change Strategy And Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

The first thing that comes to mind when I think to lose weight is to diet. But experts in the U.S. strategy of weight loss, say that will actually have the opposite effect.

Diets can confuse your metabolism, process and convert food into energy process. This causes our body goes into survival mode. It may began “holding” our energy rather than burn or consume it.

As our metabolism slows, generally this can mean that our body burns calories less efficiently. You can often feel tired and lethargic too. Obviously, we would not use much energy and weight loss will become increasingly difficult.

eating-a-lotAnother problem with diets is that they do not teach us how to eat properly. And usually when the food is finished, we are likely to return to our old unhealthy habits (which got us to where we are right now in the first place) and excess weight often comes back.

So what’s the right way about it? How can you successfully lose a decent amount of weight in 2 weeks?

The secret is to rely not on a diet, but changing your lifestyle. Key concepts are: exercise and healthy eating habits. A combination of both will help you lose weight permanently. The exercise will also strengthen your immune system and contribute to your overall health.

Do not just try and “diet”, as this is usually a short term solution that will have you back to where you started quite quickly!

To lose weight instantly, focus on increasing your metabolism! Look for foods that have a natural tendency to up your metabolism levels.

You can also opt to try a certain type of appetite suppressant that also possesses metabolism enhancing abilities. I should point out that not all appetite suppressants are able to increase your metabolism, but there are many that seem to do that currently on the market.

If you are stuck for ideas as to brands or types of appetite suppressants that are known to increase the metabolism and at the same time reduce your appetite, two of the ones that spring into mind are Raspberry Ketones and Phentabz.

Raspberry Ketones was made famous by Dr Oz a few years back, with a huge variety of brands and doses that you can now pick from.

raspberry-ketones-dr-ozOne of the more reputable brands that have seem to have worked for a few people is a brand called “Wild Raspberry Ketone”. It claims to have a free trial, but according to, upon closer inspection you still need to pay for postage and handling and there’s apparently a specific method to cancelling your credit card ahead of time, to not get charged even if you don’t want a resupply of the product.

Conversely, Phentabz is somewhat less complicated than the brand above. This appetite suppressant is produced by a company that has apparently been in operation for over 25 years, according to Furthermore, the company also produces another version which is an prescription based alternative.

But, if you’d prefer not to take any forms of pills or supplements, you may still be interested in the more natural approach to increasing your metabolism to lose weight quickly.

So what types of foods work best for this?

* Many fruits, including oranges, apples and grapes because they are higher in fiber than other fruits. Fruits and vegetables are also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals your body needs.
* Leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, cauliflower and broccoli, the richest vegetable fiber. It is simply important to wash properly if you use fresh vegetables.
* The fresh tuna and salmon. They not only fiber but also contains antioxidants that are good for the heart and stomach.

In addition to knowing the food is good for you, you need to know when to eat. The body burns calories differently at different times throughout the day. Do not worry, you do not need to sacrifice the foods you love to lose weight though! You can still have chocolates and hamburgers and all those good things. But please, in moderation! Do not eat all at the same time and most above all, avoid eating lots and lots of them.

So what method will you choose to take now to increase your metabolism and see your rapid loss in as little as two weeks from today?